Foxium is not only a response to the need to differentiate one game product from another, but also an instigator in the same direction.

The online gambling marketplace may be looking a bit crowded for those that remember it from back in the good old days. Developers swarming in to get a share of the pie are continuously prompting competitiveness among businesses and urging more and more diversity with each new release. And just as it may start seeming a bit too much, a company such as Foxium comes along.

Although a recent addition to the gambling industry itself, the company has definitely raised a couple of eyebrows with their unique game selection packing gamification, 3D graphic design and practically life-like features that are appreciated by players in more ways than one.

Foxium Software & Games

The Foxium game portfolio consists of slot titles exclusively, and to no one’s disappointment, to add. In fact, each of the less than a dozen titles to date is so fit for its theme that hardly anything is missing from a player’s experience after finishing a game session.

Speaking of themes, the Foxium selection definitely likes to spread itself thin in order to cover a wider variety. Therefore, they have lighter titles such as FruitZ and Lucky Bakery, as well as more adventurous ones – The Lost Riches of Amazon and The Odd Forest both. Slot machine games such as Adelia the Fortune Wielder and especially the latter, Vampire: The MasqueradeTM – Las Vegas appeal to a ripened player ready for more serious adult-themed action.

Boom Pirates is One of the Latest Slots
Boom Pirates is One of the Latest Slots
The remaining two titles, Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion and The Great Albini definitely call upon the entertainment effect of the games, just as the music and magic would appeal to their audience. Boom Pirates has so far been the latest visual gameplay experience released by Foxium Games, although they already have another project in store called Stumpy McDoodles. Considering the fact that three other blank spots were also left for the company’s upcoming projects in 2020 down the roadmap, there is much more to be expectant off when it comes to a brand as clever as this one.

It helps to know that, apart from being rich in content, graphics and engaging features, the slots are also rather rewarding, with RTP percentages averaging somewhere around 96%. Bet sizes and autoplay, as well as other regular elements of slots games are easily found across the screen, even when you are playing on your phone.
Speaking of which, the Foxium game portfolio is completely equipped for a mobile platform.

Optimized for both the capabilities and screen sizes of smartphones and tablets alike. What distinguishes theirs from the rest of the game content out there is the fact that they add further player conveniences with specific buttons that open into a menu of functions rather than taking up too much screen room to list them all head on. Whatever you need – just touch the button and get it.

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History and License

In terms of history, we know that this is one of the companies that came about after online gambling’s wave of popularity hit less exposed regions such as North and East Europe. The Foxium game development company is based out in Tallin, Estonia, and has been operating out of their studio where all the creation magic, and deals happen.

The Great Albini is a Very Popular Slot
The Great Albini is a Very Popular Slot
The latter has actually been just as crucial to the company’s success, since it basically takes a lot of partnerships with more prominent providers in order to get your games really out there on the marketplace. And with a reliable and high quality content offering, Foxium managed to strike deals with no other than NYX, Odobo, as well as Velo Partners. Bear in mind that this online casino software developer has always opted for quality instead of quantity, and since their early beginnings chose Microgaming’s Quickfire platform instead of anything less.

Licensing is a different matter, since the company does not have a national regulatory body. However, the fact that they are cooperating with Microgaming gives players all the peace of mind they would need. After all, this industry giant ensures all their partnering brands are reliable, legally compliant and unbiased, using only top fair software and RNG tech.

What’s in the Future for Foxium?

A company that has been biding their time in order to provide quality over quality has the best shots of doing what they aim for – Outfoxing the Ordinary. Their track record, however short, is highly promising so far, and would likely continue in the same fashion for years to come.

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