Red Dog

Have you ever played in-between, also known as acey-deucey with your friends? This simple card game has been a house favorite of thousands for quite a long time. The simple card game that involves betting is also the base for the Red Dog card game which is popular in casinos, but also played between friends at home.

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Red Dog shares much of the rules with acey-deucey. It’s a card game that involves betting and one of the easiest to play in casinos.

It’s not nearly as popular as blackjack or poker in land-based casinos, but it is ever-present in an online casino. Red Dog is actually one of the many variations of poker and probably the simplest one to play.

Red Dog
Playing Red Dog is just amazing

How Do You Play Red Dog?

In the past, acey-deucey was among the most popular games in the USA, although its popularity has diminished over time. The game was quite popular in land-based casinos, but thanks to the emergence of online casinos in the past 2 decades, it has found a great base of fans.

It makes sense that acey-deucey lives on in the form of Red Dog online – after all, online casinos and online gambling are the future and casinos have hundreds of game variations which make them a clear choice for players.

As we already mentioned, Red Dog is fairly easy to play. As a variation of poker, it makes sense that the cards are ranked just like in the fan-favorite card game. Red Dog uses 3 cards at a time with aces being the highest card – suits don’t matter at all. The game is played with one standard deck of 52 cards, with some variants allowing up to 8 decks in play. The higher the number of decks, the lower the house edge.

Before the game begins, the player or players put their bets on the table and are dealt two cards face up. The dealer will then reveal one card from the top of the deck. There are 3 outcomes of the deal – a player’s cards may be equal in value, consecutive in number or neither.

For example, if the player gets two consecutive numbers on the cards like 5 and 6, the hand is a push and the wager is returned. In case of equal number value, the player gets a third card. If he’s lucky to get a card of the same value, the casino pays 11:1. In any other case, the hand is a push.

If neither of these options occur (for example, the player gets a 2 and a 6), the dealer announced a spread before dealing a third card. Before it, the player is given the option to double his bet. If he ends up getting a card between that falls between the value of the first two cards (in the abovementioned case, that would be 3, 4 or 5), the player gets paid according to the spread. In any other case, he loses the bet.

A 1-card spread pays 5:1; 2-card spread pays 4:1; a 3-card spread pays 2:1, and a 4 to 11-card spread pays even money (1:1).

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Why Choose Red Dog Over Poker or Blackjack?

We’ll put it plain and simple – Red Dog is not for high-rollers nor for those who prefer games that can be played with a strategy. This isn’t anything bad. After all, Red Dog is a fun and simple game. One you can play to take a break from the challenging world of poker, blackjack, and roulette. We’re all entitled to a bit of fun every now and then. Red Dog presents the perfect opportunity to do so.

Can You Beat the Dealer?

If we’re being honest, no. Strategies used on blackjack, poker or roulette don’t really apply to Red Dog. As a game that depends purely on luck, you can’t count cards. Nor can you use the Martingale system for the bets. Still, there are a few tips you can follow to raise your chances of winning a bit.

First, you need to raise your bets after a spread has been announced. When raising them, however, keep in mind that 1-card spreads are the toughest to win. If you don’t make the spread, you lose double your wager.

To win something, you need to stick to the more favorable spreads such as the 4-11-card spread which pays 1:1. If you’re feeling lucky, you can also try the 2-card and 3-card spreads, but be aware that the risk of losing is higher.

Red Dog Online

Red Dog can be found in some land-based casinos, but you’ll have more luck finding it in online casinos. Online Red Dog can also be found under the name Red Dog Poker. The stakes vary from one casino to the other. But you can expect them to come in the range of $100-$200.

Online Red Dog
This is what Red Dog online looks like

As a table poker game, many online casinos have a bonus attached to the game. This bonus you can earn by placing more wagers of a higher value. However, oftenly the bonuses for Red Dog require more wagers than what slot fans are accustomed to.

House Edge

As a game of chance, it’s clear that luck plays a major part in Red Dog. Strategies will simply not work, although raising your bets in favorable spreads can bring profit. Previously, we stated that the house edge for Red Dog is reduced when a higher number of decks are used. The house edge with 1 deck is just over 2.6% – any deck added reduces the house edge further, unlike in blackjack where the house edge increases with each deck.

Using 8 decks brings the Red Dog house edge to its lowest point (2.335%), which means that an 8-deck version is more favorable for players. However, even in 8-deck variants, the casino still holds an edge over the player.

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