Divine Showdown

If you like Greek mythology and you worship the ancient Gods, you must play Divine Showdown. Try all the bonus Features and win big prizes. You can try the slot for free!

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Details about the slot Divine Showdown

SoftwarePlay'n GO
Reels5 Reels
Paylines20 Paylines
RTP96.50% RTP
Coin value0.20 - 100.00
Maximum payout500.000
Bonus GameYes
Free SpinsYes
Progressive JackpotNo
Scattered symbolsYes
Wild SymbolsYes

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Fans of mythology will no doubt have a field day with this slot. We don’t know about you, but the idea of gods from different pantheons throwing down sounds fantastic!

Watch as Anubis, Wukong, Athena and Thor duke it out for the favor of their followers. Choose the right deity and support them as they do battle. If they win, you will be granted their blessing in the form of a God Power, that’s active for a single spin!

Divine Showdown Slot Review

The game is played on a 5 reel board, with 20 available paylines in total. The initial zoom out from the arena gives us an excellent view. One that’s promptly blocked by the reels! We’re not sure why Play’n Go went through all the trouble of animating the scene if we rarely see it. Even during free spins, we’re inside the arena, where we don’t see the flowing lava river. That said, that’s our only nitpick as far as visuals go. We quite like everything else.

Symbol design is composed of playing card royals, the four gods, a Wild and a Scatter. The Wild and Scatter icons look really cool, and their animations only make them better! The gods already look fierce and mighty. So when they drop into a combat stance and their eyes start glowing, you know things are about to get interesting! The only symbols without cool animations are the playing card royals.

On each spin, there’s a chance a multiplier will become active. This multiplier ranges from 2x to 10x! God powers can also randomly trigger on each spin. It gives you a cool preview of what each deity can do, and will most likely impact your choice during free spins. You choose which god goes into the arena to fight on your behalf. If your god wins a battle, his power activates and you have a guaranteed active multiplier. A defeat means the opposite deity’s power activates, and you lose a life. Free spins play until you lose all your lives.

Divine Showdown Gameplay
Divine Showdown Gameplay

How to Play Divine Showdown

You play this release on a 5×3 board with 20 fixed paylines. The god battles and multipliers create all sorts of amazing combinations! It’s not just the special features that are top notch. Divine Showdown allows players to stake between $0.20 and $100 on each spin! This is a good betting spread, which should please all types of punters.

Bonus Features

What sort of gifts can the followers of these four deities expect as they cheer their favorite deities on?

  • Multipliers and Power Spins:
  • Both of these bonuses can be triggered randomly, on any spin. The multiplier is quite straight forward. If it’s active, any win during that spin will be increased by that amount. Meanwhile, the effect of each power spin is different depending on the god. Athena synchronizes reels while Thor replaces other deities. Wukong turns reels Wild. Meanwhile, Anubis selects two icons and turns all of them Wild for that one turn.

  • Free Spins & Deity Duels:
  • Collect three or more Scatters to win free spins. You’re given three lives, and an option to choose a god to fight for you. Before each spin, a battle reel appears. It decides whether your deity will fight another god, or if a regular free spin is played. If you win the battle, you’re given a guaranteed multiplier, and a Power Spin with your god’s power active. Lose, and the enemy deity’s power activates, while you lose a life. You have three lives in total; lose all of them, and free spins end.

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Our Verdict

It’s been a while since we so thoroughly enjoyed a slot. We think it’s a must have for a casino site. Developers have a habit of making something engaging, but drab to look at. Or boring, but with gorgeous visuals. Play’n Go finally gives us both in one package, and earns an almost perfect rating because of it.

The Positives!

  • Gorgeous graphics, especially during god battles
  • Engaging and lucrative special features
  • High volatility action with a 5000x jackpot

The Negatives…

  • Playing card royals could use more work
  • More effort is needed for the background image

All in all, it’s an excellent release. You can see the effort the developers put into Divine Showdown! Call upon your champion and support them in their battles. Your pockets could mysteriously become that much heavier if you’re lucky. So you should definitely try this one at an online casino.

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