Nudge Runner Jackpot

It’s very rare to find a game that so openly tells you what it’s about. But Nudge Runner Jackpot slot does just that! Get ready for a grind of a lifetime, with the ultimate prize awaiting you at the end: the progressive jackpot!

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Details about the slot Nudge Runner Jackpot

Reels6 Reels
Paylines5 Paylines
RTP95.00% RTP
Coin value0.20 - 200.00
Maximum payout5.000
Bonus GameNo
Free SpinsNo
Progressive JackpotYes
Scattered symbolsNo
Wild SymbolsNo

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In between their bigger launches, StakeLogic has a habit of making filler slots. We’re not huge fans of these – as our less than pleasant reviews of Random Runner and Club 2000 will attest!

This game doesn’t answer all of our complaints. But it does tackle the biggest issues, making this release actually worth checking out! Why the change of heart, you may ask? You’ll have to read on to find out!

Nudge Runner Jackpot Slot Review

Nudge Runner Jackpot is played on two three reel boards, with five paylines each. These paylines cannot be turned on or off. To win, collect three or more identical icons in adjacent positions, starting with the leftmost reel. All wins must follow one of the currently active paylines, or your cash prize won’t be awarded.

This is all pretty standard stuff so far. So yes, all the improvements do come from the special features! First and most obvious is the inclusion of nudges! You get three nudge per playing field, which can turn a losing spin into a winning one under the right circumstances. There’s also a ticking progressive jackpot in the upper left corner, continuously tempting players to try and win it!

Theme & Symbols

We don’t have a lot to say about the theme. We still dislike slots that try to pretend to be physical machines, and this game fits that bill. The design is quite similar to what we have already seen in Random Runner and Club 2000 already. We don’t tolerate blatantly reusing art assets between releases for any other developer. And we certainly don’t plan to change that policy for StakeLogic.

At the very least, we get a new background image! Well, new compared to what we’ve received before. At the same we wrote this review, the software provider had several slots which also borrowed the predominantly green casino room. There’s a bar full of drinks and a poker table to entertain yourselves. But our absolute favorite would undoubtedly be the fishtank!

The Jackpot is what you want
The Jackpot is what you want
Symbol designs are also borrowed from its predecessors. If you have played Random Runner, you will recognize every icon currently on the board. All the fruits, the golden bells, the lucky sevens and the blue-white stars. The only new addition is the bar symbol, which looks like a bland and generic mess all by itself.

How to Play Nudgr Runner Jackpot

You play this StakeLogic release on two 3×3 boards, and each one has five paylines which cannot be turned on or off. Nudge Runner Jackpot has a medium variance and a jackpot worth 200x for a three-of-a-kind win. Of course, that’s not accounting for the progressive jackpot! The aforementioned jackpot is capped at €5000, which somewhat ruins the idea of a progressive jackpot.

The only bonus worth talking about are the Reel Nudges. The progressive jackpot can create some fantastic prizes, don’t get us wrong. But they have absolutely no effect on the core gameplay of Nudge Runner Jackpot. In contrast, the nudges can quickly transform a losing spin into a big one! So, it’s fun and useful? What’s the catch? The answer is quite simple; you have to pay money to activate it!

Changing your total bet is a simple process. Click the Total Bet button, which reveals two new menus. One controls how many boards are active; one or both – while the other is used to set the coin value. By adjusting and tweaking both, online gamblers can wager between €0.20 and €100 on each spin! Keep in mind that to be eligible for the Nudge special feature, you need a minimal stake of €8 per spin. A bit too steep for our liking.

Bonus Features

It’s so typically StakeLogic to take the greatness of Nudge Runner Jackpot’s and muck them up somehow. In this case, it was the need to pay extra to play special features that ruined it for us. And if you’re not ready to shell out €8 or €16 with each spin, it’s like you don’t have any special features at all!

  • Nudges
  • If the right symbols appear on the playing field, they will be nudged up to three times automatically. This nudging can often turn a losing spin into a winning one, and seems to occur fairly frequently! The only downside, as we already mentioned, is having to pay extra to be eligible for this bonus.

  • Progressive Jackpot
  • This special feature is triggered completely randomly. With each spin, there’s a chance to win the progressive jackpot! The slot has an artificial cap of €5000, preventing the progressive to climb any higher.

Nudge Runner Jackpot Payouts

Nudge Runner Jackpot has a medium variance and a top prize of 200x, not counting the progressive jackpot. If you can pay the extra cash to enable it, that jackpot increases to 5000x your total stake! The slot’s RTP is 95%, which is one percentage point below the current industry average.

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It feels like every step forward is accompanied by two steps back. This game adjusted some of the pet peeves we faced with Random Runner. But some doesn’t mean all. So, what are the things we like, and the things we loathe about this release?

The Positives!

  • Actual special features? Say it isn’t so! Yes, there are two currently available! There’s the progressive jackpot waiting for the luckiest few players, and the Nudges which are quite useful in achieving good wins. As you’d imagine, shifting the reels to change a win from a losing spin to a winning one is quite useful!

The Negatives…

  • We’re far less enthusiastic over Nudge Runner Jackpot’s bonuses being locked behind paywalls. If you’re a casual gambler, paying as much as €8 on each spin is nothing short of madness. And that’s only if you’re playing with one reel instead of two, which will cost €16 per spin!
  • The graphics have seen a slight update, but it hasn’t fixed the fundamental issues behind the visuals. All the symbols are still borrowed from other StakeLogic slots. The background image is technically new, but you’ll see it in a lot of other games by the same developer.

While we enjoyed it a whole lot more than we did Random Runner or Club 2000, we still wouldn’t recommend it. The dated and ‘borrowed’ graphics failed to impress us. On top of that, forcing the slot’s most interesting special feature behind a €16 paywall cuts out a massive audience that might have tried Nudge Runner Jackpot.

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