Set sail on an ocean of love and big wins in Bally’s Titanic slot! But be careful. While many prizes await out at sea, so too does the frigid touch of the iceberg, threatening to sink your jackpot wins!

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Details about the slot Titanic

Reels5 Reels
Paylines25 Paylines
Coin value0.35 - 100.00
Maximum payout250.000
Bonus GameNo
Free SpinsYes
Progressive JackpotNo
Scattered symbolsYes
Wild SymbolsYes

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Few movies truly captivated an entire generation the way Titanic did. It’s a story we’ve heard many times before: two lovers whose love is forbidden decide to indulge regardless.

Sadly, we’ll never know if they’d get their happy ending or not. Because we all know how that story ends. The ship sinks, Rose floats off to safety, and Jack disappears beneath the icy waves.

Titanic Slot Review

Titanic is played on a five reel board, with each reel being three symbols tall. There are a total of 25 paylines, which cannot be turned on or off. Wins are awarded for collecting three or more identical icons in adjacent positions, starting with the leftmost reel. All wins must follow one of these active paylines, or else the cash prize won’t be granted to the player.

Bally does something that we personally dislike, but we can’t help but enjoy from a thematic perspective. They lock access to certain special features, like jackpots, behind a certain ticket. And how do you get said ticket? You have to bet above a certain level to quality, of course. While you get most of the bonuses with all tickets, jackpots are sealed away from the ‘lower class’.

Theme & Symbols

We really like how this slot looks. Everything is kept simple and clean, but it just looks so good! It goes to show that developers can make magic happen with good design alone. Fluid animations and detailed designs are important, but they’re not obligatory if your art team knows what they’re doing.

The only thing that’s impressive about the background is that it changes. It’s never particularly elaborate either. Most of the time, its plain wood with a few buttons scattered about. But we do like that Bally changes its appearance as the game activates certain special features to make it fit.

Titanic Gameplay
Titanic Gameplay
Now here’s a rare sight: a release by this developer without a single playing card royal in sight! None of the symbols are spectacular. A large chunk of them are just stills of characters from the movies, after all. But much like the background, we like that Bally made multiple versions for different bonuses. Small details like those really count!

How to Play Titanic

Titanic is played on a 5×3 board with 25 fixed paylines. It has a medium volatility, and a jackpot worth a stunning 100,000x your total bet! There’s a caveat. With a prize that big, there always is! To even be eligible to win it, you have to qualify for first class. And that means your wager can’t drop below a certain limit, or you’re disqualified.

Given that your ship class is something you’re prompted about immediately, we expected it to be a bigger deal. But unless we missed something, the limitations seem to only affect what jackpots you can win, if any. Your RTP doesn’t even drastically drop if you’re not eligible for certain jackpots, which was particularly surprising.

To change your total bet, simply click the Stake per payline button to open a separate screen. Here, you’re prompted to pick your ticket. If you’re first class, you can then increase it further. Your minimum bet is €0.35, while the maximum goes up to €100.00 on each spin. The big gamblers will like that.

Bonus Features

The Jackpots. There’s three jackpots in total. The Top, Mini and Maxi jackpots. All three have fixed values, but are triggered in different ways. To win the Top jackpot, you have to land a five Jackrose Scatter win with a first class ticket. Insanely difficult? Yes. Worth 100,000x your total bet? Also yes! So that’s the Top jackpot done. But how do you win the other two?

  • Mystery Jackpot Feature
  • At the end of every spin, there’s a chance this bonus will fire. You’re asked to pick between three tiles. They can contain a small cash prize or the Mini or Maxi jackpots!

  • Jack’s Drawing
  • This special feature triggers randomly. You click through blank canvases, revealing drawing beneath. Collect three of the same drawings to land a win, which can range between 4x to 80x.

  • Mystery Double Wilds
  • Between two to five Double Wilds are randomly added to reels two, three, four and five. These Wilds can also combine with the Ship and Jackrose icons, allowing for a shot at the jackpots.
    Mystery Wild Reels: This bonus works exactly the same way as the Double Wilds. Except it doesn’t create individual Wilds – it takes two reels, and makes them completely Wild.

  • The Wheel
  • Collect three or more Scatters to spin the Wheel. You can land on a cash prize, in which case, you spin again. Alternatively, you can win one of four special features.

  • Pick Up
  • Pick through different levels of symbols to earn between 45x to 100x your total stake. You can also find a multiplier between 2x and 10x, which immediately ends the special feature.

  • Safe
  • Click on a safe to open it and reveal the cash prize within. Then, travel to Rose’s room and tap an item there to reveal a multiplier. The total prize you can win here ranges between 150x to 800x.

  • Hearts of the Ocean free spins
  • In this free spins round, you can choose your ratio of free spins and multipliers. The higher your multiplier, the less free spins you get, and vice versa. You also get 100x cash prize just for activating this bonus.

  • Make it Count free spins
  • Players get ten free spins, and extra bonuses you can trigger by landing a clock on the reels. These mini-features include sticky Wilds, sticky Wild reels, an extra spin, or more cash.

Titanic Payouts

Titanic has a medium volatility, with a maximum prize of 100,000x your total stake. The slot’s RTP varies depending on your class. First class get 96.05%, second class get 96.01%, and third class drop to 95.95%.

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A Lot Of Extras in Titanic
A Lot Of Extras in Titanic
Titanic Has Got Big Wins
Titanic Has Got Big Wins


The sheer number of special feature is honestly overwhelming at first. This isn’t a game you just pick up and play. It requires an actual time investment before you grasp how all the mechanics work.

The Positives!

  • As fans of the movie, we were quite impressed with the visuals. There were many call-backs to the famous flick! You could argue that extended into mechanics as well, with having different ticket classes.
  • Did we, by any chance, mention the 100,000x jackpot? Because it’s absolutely amazing. Keep in mind, Bally’s release artificially caps it at €250,000, so we can’t go too insane.
  • Bonuses, bonuses, bonuses! There’s a whole heap of them, and they’re easy to activate. Not all of them will help you win big, mind you. But they’ll stave off the boredom like nothing else.

The Negatives

  • While we like the thematic implications of different ticket classes, we’re less enthusiastic about locking big wins behind wager levels. You are literally not eligible for the slot’s jackpot if you’re not first class.
  • While we enjoy having a lot of special feature, it absolutely is overwhelming at first. Remove one pick-and-click and one mystery Wild bonus, and the game solves that problem.

Personally, we enjoyed Titanic, but recommending it is another matter all-together. Honestly, we recommend trying a demo version yourself before committing any real money in an online casino. You need to experience it before spending cash.

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